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Choosing Where to Exercise

Oftentimes, excuses for not exercising center around gyms. “I don’t have money for a gym”, “there isn’t a gym anywhere near work or home”, or simply “I hate gyms”, are all common complaints. Don’t let concerns about gyms hold you back! You can get your workout anywhere you feel comfortable.

In truth, most of the common excuses are concerns about comfort – money, convenience, or feelings of awkwardness. So, how then, do you find a comfortable place to work out? Here are some points to consider:

  1. Convenience – In my own list of concerns, this is the most important. In fact, I chose the apartment I currently live in because it was close to a gym. If there aren’t any gyms around where you live or work, don’t worry – you can get just as good of a workout at home.

  2. Atmosphere – If you hate everything about the place you’re going to, you’re probably not going to go there very often. Some things to consider are the music, lighting/cleanliness, and clientele. Is the music so loud it drowns out your headphones? Is there a culture of leaving weight plates on barbells? Is it bright and clean, or dark and dingy? How about the smells? …I’m not kidding, smells matter – is it odor free, sweaty, or maybe disinfectant/chemical smelling?

  3. Price – Naturally, you need to be able to afford it. Home is free. Outdoors is free. Gyms can be found in any price range.

  4. Gear selection and amenities – Do you need the latest, greatest, gadgetry attached to machines to get motivated? Do you want a pool, sauna, or racquetball court?

It really all comes down to motivation. What do you need to keep you motivated? Maybe gyms aren’t for you. If not, you can do your workout at home with minimal equipment. If you prefer the fresh air of outdoors you could go to a park or your own back yard, if you have one. Wherever you prefer to work out, just do it!

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